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4 Different Methods Of Industrial Paint Coatings

Paint is an important part of equipment maintenance. While it may seem like it only impacts how the vehicle or machinery looks on the outside, it has just as much to do with the structure of the equipment as well. Industrial paint coatings are a special, protective type of coating that prevents damage and corrosion from weakening metal or plastic of the equipment being used. Take a look at four of the different types of industrial paint coatings that are offered by Midwest Industrial Coatings, Inc.

Solvent Base

Solvent based paints make for a heavy-duty color coating on your automotive equipment. Different vehicles and machinery are used for a wide variety of activities such as recreation, construction or agriculture, and finding a durable paint is what is going to protect the structure of the equipment, as well as keeping it looking great. Using a high-quality urethane topcoat, e-coat and an epoxy primer makes for a winning combination able to resist fading, chalking and damage from chemicals. Maintaining color and gloss over time is a testament to the quality of industrial paint coatings that are on the equipment. A solvent based coating creates a protective layer against the structure of the machine, keeping it safe from humidity, acids, salt, oils and abrasion.


Production products thrive with the use of waterborne paint coatings. This offers the best kind of protection against corrosion. Plus, it’s incredibly fade resistant, holding strong to color retention. One of the other big perks with using a waterborne coating is that it is EPA compliant. This means that it is nonhazardous, nonflammable, non-toxic and safe for people and the environment. As many companies need to adjust areas of their business to become EPA approved, this is a great option that is 100% compliant with clean air regulations. As it follows regulations, it doesn’t compromise the quality or durability. This is an excellent paint layer that protects against corrosion, and protecting your industrial equipment for the long haul.

Powder Coating

Production paint powder coatings offer protection and enhance aesthetics. Applied as a dry material of finely ground plastic particles, they are a perfect alternative for low emissions throughout the industrial coating industry.  Coatings can be customized to the needs of the equipment, allowing for the most practical and protective layers, depending on the needs of each machine that requires painting. You may choose varying degrees of thickness, hardness, UV exposure protection and chemical resistance.


The greatest in anti-fouling paint coatings is the Interlux®. This is a tin-free coating that is also long lasting, color bright, cost effective and easily applied. This type of coating is highly recommended for boats, as it is especially protective in fresh and salt-water conditions. An anti-fouling coating can be applied to wood, steel and fiberglass, and works in a wide range of climates. Anti-fouling coatings help protect against organism growth on boats and against corrosion. With clean and bright finishes, your water vessel will be in good care as it takes to the water.

Scanning through each of these various types of industrial paint coatings, there is sure to be one that is best for your type of work, environment and equipment. If you have questions, please contact the paint professionals at Midwest Industrial Coating, Inc.