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Why Minnesota Snowmobiles Need Performance Coatings!

Do you like to snowmobile? Do you own a snowmobile? Then you need to apply performance coatings to your snowmobile. Why? Performance coatings help protect your snowmobile from some of the normal wear and tear that is caused just by using the machine. Reduced Exhaust Temperatures By applying performance coatings to your snowmobile you can […]

Do Boats in Minnesota Lakes need Anti-Fouling Bottom Paint?

As Minnesota boaters, you know about the importance of protecting your boat’s hull against the growth of organisms as well as potential damage from direct contact with the water. The application of a high quality anti-fouling bottom paint provides the essential protection that will help ensure your boat lasts for years to come. Why use […]

Corrosion, Paint and Technology

For many, paint might seem like an aesthetic element of a vehicle – like the icing on a cake, or a necktie for an outfit; adding style to the overall picture, but not much else. We in the industrial coatings industry know better. For us, paint is one of the few elements – like proper […]

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