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3 Reasons Powder Coating is King

Powder coating is a relatively new but incredibly fast growing technology formulated with both the consumer and industry in mind. ┬áThis finishing technique is used to apply decorative and protective finishes to many types of metal and produces a final product nearly unmatched in durability, uniformity, quality, and attractiveness. ┬áThere are many reasons companies like […]

MICI in the News: AMSOIL Championship Snocross

The AMSOIL Championship Snocross (ACS) is made up of eight national races that take place across the U.S., including Minnesota, during the 2015-2016 season. The ACS is sanction by The International Serious of Champions (ISOC) which is based out of Albertville, MN. What is Snocross? Simply put, snocross is extreme snowmobile racing. Snocross continues to […]

Why Minnesota Snowmobiles Need Performance Coatings!

Do you like to snowmobile? Do you own a snowmobile? Then you need to apply performance coatings to your snowmobile. Why? Performance coatings help protect your snowmobile from some of the normal wear and tear that is caused just by using the machine. Reduced Exhaust Temperatures By applying performance coatings to your snowmobile you can […]