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Industrial Powder Coating 101

Midwest Industrial Coatings is known for having durable and attractive coating solutions for all types of industrial and recreational equipment. This post is going to give a breakdown of four of the main benefits of industrial powder coatings for machinery and equipment. Each one of these benefits plays a vital role in the appearance and protection of your costly industrial machinery.

Environmentally Safe

Industrial powder coating are made up of finely ground plastic that when baked, melts and fuses together to make a continuous film. The powder coating is a dry material that gives off one of the lowest emissions powder coating services in the industry. Powder coating supplies and services can be done in an endless variety of finishes and colors. Perfect for customizing your personal or industrial equipment.

Corrosion Resistant

When it comes to being corrosion resistant, a quality powder coating company will provide services that will allow you to extend the life of your machinery. With the proper maintenance and the washing of your equipment simply with soap and water (depending on the severity of the conditions) quality powder coating services can last 20 years.

There are a variety of factors that come into play for exactly what kind of protective coverage your industrial powder coating will provide. Some of the characteristics in which you can customize your outer coating on your equipment include the thickness, hardness, chemical resistant and protection against UV exposure. There are also powder coating supplies that can be applied to equipment used in high heat settings.

Durable Powder Coating

Industrial powder coatings can be protective, durable, flexible and decorative all at the same time. Different formulas for powder coatings provide various performance and appearance characteristics.  When applied correctly, an industrial powder coating shouldn’t chip, crack, or peel when applied to a metal surface. All of this in addition to the corrosion and chemical and heat resistance mentioned above will be beneficial to your equipment.

One-Coat Applications

One of the other beauties of using powder coating services for your industrial or recreational equipment is that it can be completed with just a one-coat application. With just one application we can generally formulate a custom powder coating to produce sleek finishes, hammertones and metallics. These custom coatings can also be produced in light of your specifications such as, colors, textures, gloss and film. Characteristics such as thickness, hardness and UV protection can also be taken into consideration for this one-coating application process.

Being known for producing quality industrial powder coating is something that M.I.C.I is very proud of. Having multiple benefits that are attributed to our powder coating applications to equipment and machinery make us the leader of the powder coating companies in the US.

Equipment Benefits From Industrial Coating Services