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Powder Coating Companies: Environmental Impact

The process of powder coating a surface to beautify, protect, and ensure it’s longevity is an excellent alternative to various coating and painting methods.  Powder coating is durable, versatile, and chemically resistant.  One of the many reasons powder coating companies thrive is that they offer an environmentally friendly method of coating numerous surfaces.  This is excellent news for the earth we inhabit, our bodies and those of the pros doing the painting, and our pocketbook.  Read on to learn more about the green nature of powder coating.

VOCs and HAPs

The process of powder coating emits negligible amounts of volatile organic compounds (commonly known as VOCs) and offers the added benefit of being hazardous air pollutant (HAP) free.  VOCs and HAPs are dangerous when breathed in and so other coating processes that do emit these pollutants require expensive filtration and respiration systems in place to protect the painters.

Overspray?  No problem.

Any powder overspray can be collected and reused allowing the powder coating company cost savings which in turn means more reasonable pricing for the customer.

Minimal Waste

Due to the reusable nature of the powder coating supplies, little to no waste product equates into the powder coating process.  Any unused powder can be returned to the hopper and filtered back through the system to be used for a different project.  This again translates into cost savings for both the powder coating companies and the consumer.

When it comes to an environmentally responsible choice for coating your surfaces, powder coating is king.  At Midwest Industrial Coatings, Inc., we not only provide top of the line powder coating supplies, but we’re part of the community of powder coating companies offering professional industrial powder coating services for even your toughest projects.  Contact us today with any questions or to get scheduled for a coating.