Midwest Industrial Coatings, Inc.


Marine Coatings

Midwest Industrial Coatings, Inc. has developed the most technologically advanced finishes for the world’s premier mega yachts. We provide these luxurious vessels with beautiful, durable marine coatings that can withstand season after season on waters from the freshwater Great Lakes to the punishing salt water of the ocean.

Our specially designed liquid and anti-fouling coatings keep these floating investments looking beautiful, and also help reduce ship maintenance costs.

With the greater need in marine industry to improve the cost effectiveness of coating systems, MICI have formulated the most technologically advanced coatings with the goal of delivering optimum look for the yachting market. From passenger ships, fishing boats to tow boats, our easy to apply international marine coatings are designed to achieve maximum abrasion resistance and a highest level of gloss. We totally understand that hostile marine environment can rapidly harm your floating investment, therefore our we have specially developed proprietary marine epoxy coatings that can withstand season after season on waters from the freshwater Great Lakes to the punishing salt water of the ocean. Out coatings contain highest quality polyurethanes that help to keep it looking as good as in the years to come. Leading vessel manufacturers rely on MICI for excellent finishes to make every vessel look custom.

Unlike traditional marine gel coat deck coatings, we use high performance liquid and anti-fouling coatings for all sea boats or riverboats; which helps to reduce ship maintenance costs and allows us to give the best appearance for your vessel. We use marine coatings, which are durable, anti-static, non-skid and UV stable. All our waterproof deck coatings are non-hazardous from an environmental point of view. Our coatings prevent your vessel from mussels and barnacles saving both your cost and time, which you might invest in labor investment for cleaning purpose. We also offer customization options in terms of the color, texture and hardness.

Only at MICI Marine coatings, you can discover best-kept secrets of marine coating industry through following ways:

  • Our products are non metallic and environment-friendly
  • Proven to reduce operating costs
  • We deliver high gloss finish to ensure optimum micro-texture and to improve hull dynamics
  • Safe to handle

MICI is the right choice, if you are looking to improve outboard or inboard motor fuel efficiency, improve speed, handling, or decrease hull maintenance, cleaning, and care. The marine coatings are designed to deliver exceptional performance in service. MICI, through our personal and unrivaled levels of service and experience, can help you in putting together a suitable high-performance anti-corrosive coating system to suit your needs. Contact us today to discuss your marine coating requirements.