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What Can A Marine Deck Coating Do For Your Vessel?

Investing in marine vessels is a luxury for some, and a necessity for others.  No matter which it is for you, the investment is worth it since your water vessel adds value to your daily life.  Making the most of your investment is what international marine coatings from MICI is all about. Here you will see exactly how a marine coating can assist you in making the most out of the life of your water vessel.

Provides Protection

A marine epoxy coating protects your vessel on the Great Lakes or out on the high seas.  With the use of the most advanced techniques in international marine coating technology, all kinds of water vessels are protected from the harsh, unforgiving dangers of the waters.  Both fresh and salt waters take their toll on the structure of any ship, but with a quality marine coating the impact that the waters have on your vessel will be much less.  This will give you a new-looking boat for many years.

The harshness of the waters are one thing that these marine coatings protect from, but they also help guard from abrasions, as well as keeping barnacles and mussels from attaching themselves to the outer shell of the ship.

Some other benefits are that MICI international marine coatings use anti-fouling and high performance liquid coatings on all ships.  The marine coatings are very durable, anti-static, non-skid and UV stable.  Plus, the waterproof marine deck coatings are completely nonhazardous to the environment; making them protect both you, as the owner, and the environment as a whole.


A custom marine epoxy coating not only provides protection, but also sets your vessel apart from the others floating in the water.  With MICI there is the ability to get a customized look for your yacht, fishing boat or passenger boat without compromising on the quality marine coating itself.  Being able to specialize your vessel with customization’s such as the color and finish you’d like gives you the ability to stand out amongst the other ships in the marina.

What does this mean for you, the vessel owner?

As there have been many points made above about how a marine coating can protect your water vessel and the benefits that come into play, it is understandable that as an owner of a water vessel you are asking yourself, why would this be something I should do for my yacht?  Well, the answer really comes down to dollars and cents.  The higher quality marine coating that your vessels has, the less you will have to invest in money and time on cleaning and maintenance costs.  You will be able to take advantage of the joys of owning a boat instead of dedicating more time to the preservation of it.  The marine coatings have been proven to reduce operating costs to the owners of these majestic water vessels.  This alone makes it worth the investment.