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3 Advantages of Waterborne Paint

With new legislations consistently being pumped out to protect the environment and regulate the use of volatile organic compounds (VOCs), it’s no surprise that many companies are making the switch to waterborne paint rather than the traditional solvent based coatings of the past.  While solvent based paints still have their place, due to the health risks to humans when improperly handled, waterborne paint is becoming more common and certainly has its own set of advantages.  Midwest Industrial Coatings, Inc. is fully equipped to handle both of these types of paints safely and effectively, but here are some reasons that we like waterborne paint.

Health Factor

As stated above, waterborne paint is better for the environment and healthier for our staff.  VOCs are nasty and not to be trifled with, and while we take extreme precautions to ensure the well-being of our MICI family and the health of the environment, there’s no way to ensure 100% efficacy and mistakes could certainly be made.  We’re only human, after all.

Fresh Ideas

The human mind is infinitely complex and full of ingenuity, and this move away from solvent based coatings has prompted the formulation of new and improved products.  This is beneficial for everyone and exciting for the industry as a whole.

Smooth and Bright

Waterborne paint requires less clear coat due to it’s smoother application.  It doesn’t need as thick of an application for multiple hues and striping and therefore leaves behind a smoother finish.  Waterborne paint also tends to dry to a cleaner and brighter hue of color than a solvent based paint.

Both types of paint leave excellent results, but with the advent of the knowledge of VOCs and the harm they can cause, knowing how to apply waterborne paint is a valuable tool to possess.  Contact MICI with any questions.