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3 Reasons Powder Coating is King

Powder coating is a relatively new but incredibly fast growing technology formulated with both the consumer and industry in mind.  This finishing technique is used to apply decorative and protective finishes to many types of metal and produces a final product nearly unmatched in durability, uniformity, quality, and attractiveness.  There are many reasons companies like MICI are stocking up on powder coating supplies, but we’re going to hone in on three specifics here.


When it comes to coatings, regulations abound due to the toxicity of the pollutants emitted in the form of VOC’s (volatile organic compounds).  At MICI, we are scrupulous about adhering to these guidelines.  The beauty of powder coating supplies is that they are virtually free of VOC’s and the solvents that emit them.  This is both a time saver and a money saver for the industry, and those savings get translated to the consumer.  Fewer pollutants also equates to a safer work environment for employees, rounding out the environmental benefits of this green technology.


As you can imagine, these environmental savings translate big for industries like MICI.  By reducing the need for expensive pollution control equipment (and the ongoing maintenance that goes along with operating this equipment), finishers can focus their efforts on their dedicated profession rather than pouring hard-earned revenue back into pollution control.  The clean benefits of powder coating also allows companies to ensure that they’re staying in line with EPA regulations which are becoming increasingly more stringent.


In addition to the environmental and monetary advantages of powder coating is its incredible durability, flexibility, and resistance to corrosion.  This finishing technique is a truly masterful form of finalizing any piece of metal.  With a virtually limitless selection of color finishes including flat, high gloss, glitter, iridescent, and so many more, powder coating is a highly resistant and vibrant finish option that’s an excellent choice every time.

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