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4 Advantages of Waterborne Paint

New laws and regulations for the use of volatile organic compounds or VOCs in spray paints are quickly changing the way that vehicle-coating companies operate.  These new rules are causing a transition from various solvent-based paints to a greater use of waterborne coatings.  These changes are a result of studies showing benefits for the use of waterborne epoxy coatings compared to other paint coatings.


Advantage 1: Cleaner for the Environment

The waterborne coatings are a source of less toxins going into the environment.  According to the EPA, there are higher levels of toxins in the air long after the painting is completed when using a solvent-based paint. Waterborne epoxy coatings are a non-flammable, non-toxic and non, hazardous way to paint your equipment.  This is the perfect options when looking for a paint coating that meets with the clean air regulations 100%.


Advantage 2: Cleaner Air for Employees

If you are working with epoxy paints day in and day out, you should be aware of the health hazards that are present.  In addition to waterborne coatings being cleared for the environment, they are also healthier for a person’s lungs.  The reduction of VOCs in the use of waterborne paint improves the air quality of the workplace, thus keeping you from breathing less paint toxins.


Advantage 3: High Gloss Finish

One of the beauties with a waterborne paint is that you use less gloss coating.  The paint itself provides a high gloss finish and also doubles as an excellent corrosion protector.


Advantage 4: Durable & Long Lasting

Waterborne coatings are highly durable and abrasion resistant.   These coatings hold up well to heat and can ward off corrosion.  When working in harsh working environments, using a waterborne paint is going to maintain it’s glossy finish and protect your equipment for longer.


When looking to re-coat your construction or agriculture equipment, you might want to think about using a waterborne epoxy coating.  It’s cleaner or the environment and for the people who are doing the paint coating.  This paint coating leaves a nice high gloss finish that is both durable, but also last longer than other types of paint coatings.