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It’s Time for the Annual Iron Dog Snowmobile Race!

Snowmobiles – yep, we cover those too.

And they are just days away from covering most of Alaska, in an event called the Iron Dog Race, a nearly insane endurance race that spans 2,031 miles of remote and rugged terrain.  Racers begin in Anchorage, cross west to Nome and then back to Fairbanks.  Along the way, riders battle the elements and terrain more than any specific human competitor.

The annual event began in 1984, and over the course of the last thirty years the spectacle has laid claim to being the world’s toughest and longest snowmobile race.  In fact, the race is so physically dangerous that teams are required to take three six-hour breaks between Nome and Tanana as well as a 42-hour break in Nome before they start making their return to Fairbanks.

The fastest completion time was accomplished in 2012, besting the event in just under 36 hours of snowmobiling.  However, first place finish times vary greatly, reaching up to over 71 hours at one point.

Our special manufacturing partner, Polaris, claims the most titles of any snowmobile maker in the world.  Throughout the Iron Dog Race’s history, Polaris has taken the title 14 times.  No other manufacturer even comes close to that number.

They are the reigning champs as well. In 2014, Nick Olstad and Todd Minnick brought home the gold with a race time of 36 hours, 58 minutes and 37 seconds.

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We at MICI Coatings wish all the contestants in this year’s race good luck and good health.  Happy snowmobiling everyone!