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Midwest Industrial Coatings, Inc. is a privately held specialty coatings supplier located in Shakopee, Minnesota. Founded in 1985 by Daniel Seeler and David Hirsch, our company provides high performance liquid, powder, and electrodeposition coatings for the power sports, agricultural, aluminum boat, truck, trailer, and heavy machinery markets.

We focus energies on local, national, and international clients that are leaders in their respective industries. Our company aims to serve the unique needs of a broad range of world class manufacturers. MICI is not limited to offering specialty coatings, but also provides high level technical expertise and on line production support helping our customers improve quality, efficiency, and capacity. In addition, our full functional laboratory provides a wide range of testing and formulating capabilities as well as color design, color management, and a highly responsive small batch manufacturing area.

Our experienced team helps our customers design and choose the correct paint products to meet and exceed both performance and application criteria. Since its inception, MICI has consistently delivered the highest quality products, service, and training to our customer base.   

MICI serves markets worldwide with a client concentration in the United States, Mexico, Canada, and China. Headquartered in Shakopee, Minnesota, our corporate campus includes administrative offices, a primary finished product warehouse, a full functional laboratory, a color design and color management studio, and a quick turnaround intermix operation. Satellite warehouses and offices are located in Mexico, China, Thailand, Michigan, and Arkansas.

Our Mission

We are now ISO certified…

ISO 9001 is a quality management system that can be integrated into any business. It is focused on ensuring the business delivers a consistent level of quality to its customers by having well defined and regularly reviewed processes and procedures.




Midwest Industrial Coatings, Inc. understands that automotive, recreational vehicle, agricultural equipment and mega yachts needs to have a unique, brand-specific identification; therefore we provide custom coatings to major manufacturers. Turn to our expert team that will deliver you the best custom color program to combine the surface protection so that it results in beautiful levels of esthetics.

Our industrial coatings are durable, non-stick that provides protective and glossy finish on your hard-working equipment complementing with your brand’s familiar color ID. Implementation of an operator friendly charting system for paint viscosities, temperatures, fluid flows, etc., with established upper and lower control limits.

Based on your unique requirements, we ensure that you receive following benefits when you choose our custom coating services:
• Sales/Technical Representative offering proactive support.
• Customized training and developmental seminars.
• Quality paint line auditing annually or as needed for maintainer.

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Meet Brennen Hayle

Midwest Industrial Coatings Inc. would like to welcome Brennen Hayle as our new Laboratory Assistant! Brennen comes to us from Alternative Technologies Inc. where he worked as a technician. He chose to continue down this career path and we were fortunate enough to bring him onboard here at MICI. Click here for the full bio on Brennen Hayle

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‘Tis the Season for Giving

For many, the holidays represent joy, family, and the exchanging of gifts, but for others, the holidays can be a time of stress and uncertainty. The holidays are a time for receiving but more importantly, for giving, which is why MICI makes it a top priority to give back to the community throughout the year, […]

Industrial Powder Coating 101

Midwest Industrial Coatings is known for having durable and attractive coating solutions for all types of industrial and recreational equipment. This post is going to give a breakdown of four of the main benefits of industrial powder coatings for machinery and equipment. Each one of these benefits plays a vital role in the appearance and […]

The Benefits of Industrial Coatings for Agricultural Equipment

Manufacturers and farmers alike take pride in the appearance of their equipment. The use of ordinary paint on agricultural equipment can be disastrous, and in the long run, extremely expensive. Industrial coatings not only protect these machines, they ensure longer life and greater productivity. Protection against the Weather Minnesota is the land of extremes when […]


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