Midwest Industrial Coatings, Inc.


Machinery & Construction Equipment

Your construction machinery is a valuable asset. What kind of machinery & construction equipment paint coating do you have?

Harsh environmental conditions, staining and discoloration, can lead to costly damage to your construction project. Midwest Industrial Coatings, Inc. has been set up to cater to your needs helping you pro-actively protect your investment with unique coating requirements. For all your specialty construction coating needs, turn to MICI. We offer field-tested and proven construction coatings for heavy-duty machineries such as pavers, graders, spreaders, finishers and more. Our liquid, powder, and epoxy coatings are engineered to stand up extreme weather and challenging environment conditions. Many leading construction equipment manufacturers have benefited from our products to smarten up exteriors and brighten the interiors of new builds. The team at MICI always strives to keep our manufacturers and suppliers ahead of the curve by delivering long-lasting coating products for all surfaces and equipment.

Each of our machinery paintings is specially designed to protect metal, wood and other substrates in abrasive conditions. At MICI, our water-borne paint coatings have been formulated by our seasoned experts to extend the lifetime of your equipment and to save your time and money in the long-run. Our expert team ensures that the specialty construction coatings meet industry’s most stringent regulations and quality standards before offering them to major international corporations or small independent companies.
With MICI, you can be assured of quality as we take care of following aspects:

  • Outstanding abrasion, chemical and weather resistance
  • Excellent mechanical and chemical resistance
  • Significant project cost savings
  • Products are non-toxic, safe, and easy to use

Whether you choose epoxy, liquid or powder coatings, our products have stood the test of time that has enabled us to sustain relationships with our construction equipment manufacturers. You can only trust on MICI when it comes to quality, durability and innovation. We make sure that our extensive knowledge and expertise in paint coatings contributes to individual success of customers. Contact us to discuss our Paint Coatings For Machinery & Construction Equipment.