Midwest Industrial Coatings, Inc.


Over the Road

Motorcyclists love performance, but they also love – and demand – premium finishes on their bikes. Leading bike manufacturers rely on Midwest Industrial Coatings, Inc. for automotive paint supplies providing the vibrant and stylish finishes that make every bike look custom. Working with the industry’s top suppliers, MICI provides motorcycles manufacturers with the latest in trend-setting finishes.

These premium-quality coatings are not only visually spectacular, but are also functional, providing durable, protective finishes to bodywork of all types, from plastic to top-grade metals.

At MICI, our mission is to offer premium-quality automotive paints and coatings at great values while continually striving to meet our customer expectations. We offer a broad range of liquid powder and epoxy coating for automotive that are easy to apply and extremely durable when it comes to finishing. Our polyurethane-based automotive coatings cater to mechanical properties thereby protecting your cars and bikes from scratches, corrosion, and chemical exposure. The primers used in our coating systems are fine-tuned for different applications to enable best possible basis for subsequent coatings.

When it comes to automotive OEM coatings, many leading bike manufacturers rely on MICI to achieve vibrant, stylish and custom finish for bikes. We have extensive know-how and experience in automotive coatings having worked with major motorcycle and car manufacturers to provide the latest in trend-setting finishes.

Our coatings are not only visually spectacular but are also functional, providing durable, protective finishes to bodywork of all types, from plastic to top-grade metals. The team at MICI has developed world-class automotive coatings that designed to meet requirements of today’s environmental, industrial and governmental regulations.

In order to create stylish exterior finishes and interior styling, we predominantly apply UV resistance polyester-based powder coatings to maintain the value of components. We provide highest quality products, which are rigorously tested to meet each customer’s unique requirement.

By choosing automotive paint coatings, you can expect:

  • Our automotive paint supplies are weather resistance
  • Exceptional color and gloss retention
  • Excellent resistance to water, oil and chemicals, such as salt on the roads
  • Outstanding scratch resistance
  • Excellent application properties, i.e., fast drying, so that a vehicle being repaired or repainted can be delivered to the owner quickly.

With our breakthrough automotive coatings technology, we always assure to contribute to the quality of the products manufactured by our customers. Our automotive paint coatings are available as environmentally friendly waterborne systems. Over the years, MICI has earned a stellar reputation to deliver a highest quality coatings for automotive. We believe in providing coating solutions addressing our customers’ color requirements, as well as the demanding performances and durability that is expected in the various applications of automotive paints.