Midwest Industrial Coatings, Inc.


Recreational & Performance Coatings

Performance coatings are about more than just aesthetics. These coatings address thermal fatigue, chemical attack, corrosion and heat management, which many off-road recreational vehicles go through. To ensure lasting finishes for such off-road vehicles, Midwest Industrial Coatings, Inc. offers exceptional, superior quality performance coatings solutions. We have been recognized as one of the leading recreational coatings company in Minnesota, which is known as the snowmobile manufacturing capital of the world.

Whether you are looking for E-coat systems and clear urethanes to high-temperature engine coatings and appearance-enhancing powder coatings, MICI is the perfect choice for your off-road vehicles. Since its inception, MICI has succeeded in providing products and application expertise for the world’s finest manufacturers of snowmobiles. Our liquid and powder coatings are perfect for everything under and on the hood of these high-performance machines. Being an experienced firm, we have realized that one of the obstacles to improving sports coatings technology is understanding the real environments in which athletes do their sport. MICI also has hands-on experience in working with leading OEM recreational vehicle manufacturers.

Keeping in mind these and other requirements, our performance, and recreational coatings have been developed to address following things:

  • Reduced exhaust temperatures
  • Protection for vulnerable components closer to exhaust
  • Custom finish requirements
  • Improved engine performance & reliability

Each sports coating we offer has been vigorously tested to meet quality standards and is guaranteed to be the finest end product. The coatings use ceramic health shield material, widely used by automotive sector, in order to enhance performance of your off-road vehicles. MICI always strives to find innovative techniques, processes and appearances for our customer’s products. Whether outside or inside, on top or under the RV, leading RV manufacturers rely only on MICI products on steel, aluminum, plastic, rubber, fiberglass or ceramic surfaces to enhance appearance and protect against heat or chemical corrosion.