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The Benefits of Industrial Coatings for Agricultural Equipment

Manufacturers and farmers alike take pride in the appearance of their equipment. The use of ordinary paint on agricultural equipment can be disastrous, and in the long run, extremely expensive. Industrial coatings not only protect these machines, they ensure longer life and greater productivity.

Protection against the Weather

Minnesota is the land of extremes when it comes to the weather and fluctuating temperatures. In the summer, industrial coatings ensure protection from rain and humidity which can cause rust, ultimately leading to premature deterioration of equipment. Regardless of the season, industrial coatings can withstand various temperature variations and resist expansion and contraction.

Easy Cleaning

Chemicals such as pesticides and fertilizers can cause corrosion so it’s of the utmost importance that those handling agricultural equipment can clean their machines with ease. Industrial coatings make it possible to clean equipment and prevent staining from mud, grease, and the elements without affecting the appearance of the machine.

Protection against Abrasions

Industrial coatings are tough and can stand up against and protect equipment from abrasions. Regardless of the machine or what it’s being used for, everyday nicks and scratches from rocks, trees, and the occasional building won’t make a dent in machines utilizing industrial coatings.