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Waterborne Protective Paint

Waterborne Protective Paint has enjoyed a popularity surge over the past few years. This is due to a variety of reasons, not least of which is the fact that these types of coatings tend to produce very low volatile organic compound (VOC).

As governmental regulations have tightened with regards to VOC, waterborne protective paints have flourished as they overtake solvent based products in the marketplace which tend to emit more VOC by comparison. In fact waterborne paints are 100% compliant with clean air regulations.

Waterborne protective paint provides unparalleled fade resistance as well as brilliant color, superior adhesion, and outstanding defense against corrosion. It also provides cost savings in that it requires no thinners, additives, or hardeners. At MICI we are able to take your current application into account and formulate a waterborne paint as a substitute for your current solvent based product. The result is an excellent high-gloss finish for a variety of applications.

We are able to produce a product for you whether you use an air or brush application. Air brush application is preferred. It is important the the paint be applied with clean pump lines and spray equipment. If you are transferring from a solvent based paint, special cleaning may be required before your first waterborne application. However, once the transition between paint types is made, clean up becomes a snap.

We are able to color match identically what you currently use and, in most cases, can provide you with a lower cost, superior product to what you are currently using.

Waterborne paint can be top-coated (overcoated) in layers with no unusual issues. As with any coating application, the pre-treatment of the surface painted is critical to the success of the completed project.

Despite the name, waterborne paint has a lower flash point than solvent based paints. Painting should always be done away from sparks or open flame. Although the risk of fire or explosion is low, smoking in the area should also be prohibited.