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Why Minnesota Snowmobiles Need Performance Coatings!

Do you like to snowmobile? Do you own a snowmobile? Then you need to apply performance coatings to your snowmobile. Why? Performance coatings help protect your snowmobile from some of the normal wear and tear that is caused just by using the machine.

Reduced Exhaust Temperatures

By applying performance coatings to your snowmobile you can help reduce the exhaust temperature of your machine. Temperatures under the hood are reduced due to the thermal efficiency of the engine system. The coating also helps maintain a uniform temperature throughout the exhaust system. It does this by providing a uniformed coated surface to spread the temperature. Performance coatings also reduce the mass of reciprocating components providing more useful horsepower.

Protect Components Close To the Exhaust

There are many parts under hood to your snowmobile that can be damaged by the exhaust or the elements. By applying a performance coating you are helping to protect the life of your parts and vehicle as a whole. Performance coating will not just protect sensitive parts from heat but it will also protect them from rust.


The look provided by a performance coating appears clean and uniform. The brightness and color of the coating will stay for years making the coating a part of your snowmobile for a while to come. Because the surface is extremely smooth and protected it means that the protected parts will last longer and they will remain easy to clean no matter what you put your snowmobile through.

Improved Engine Performance and Reliability

As mentioned above the performance coating helps increase the useful horsepower but the performance coating does more than just that. Because it reduces the temperature of the components that produce heat the performance coating also reduces the exposure of sensitive items inside the snowmobile’s systems to heat. In other words it doesn’t just keep the heat producing components cooler, it keeps the whole engine compartment cooler.

Performance coatings also aid parts of the snowmobile that require lubricant. Any place where lubricant is intended to stay, the coating helps reduce friction properties. Where lubricants are supposed to shed oil the performance coating helps improve the cooling efficiency and aids the oil draining.

There are two main modern coatings that are applied to engines in order to increase their performance. The first is modern ceramic. This is the same material that NASA uses for its space shuttles and it provides a huge amount of protection from not only heat but flams and fire. Because the material is used by space shuttles that are intended to be able to land and take off over and over again the material is extremely durable. Manufacturers claim that it will not warp, wear, chip, flake, and/or fall off.

Another popular coating material is Teflon. It is well known for reducing friction. It is best for areas that have metal on metal contact. Be wary of aluminum type coatings as they may look nice but they require upkeep and have been shown to not provide significant performance increases. Sometimes aluminum coatings are marketed as aluminum type ceramic coatings and despite having the word ceramic in the title it is still aluminum.

Are you wondering what should be coated on your snowmobile? Here is a short list of some of the more common parts to get coated:

• Combustion Chambers
• Engine Bearings
• Exhaust Ports
• Exhaust Systems
• Exhaust Valves
• Oil Pumps
• Pistons
• Rear Ends
• Shifter
• Transmissions
• Wheel Bearing Races

By applying performance coating to the right parts of your snowmobile you can reduce operating temperatures by up to thirty degrees and significantly reduce the temperatures under the hood of your machine. Because of these reduced temperatures it also reduces or eliminates the chances of your break flood starting to boil, giving it a longer lifespan.

The heart of your snowmobile is under the hood so show it the same protection that you would your body and give it performance coatings. Performance coatings will help increase the lifespan of your vehicle and protect your investment. For a minimal cost, having this done will save you money down the road when it comes to maintenance and cleaning of your snowmobile. If you have more off road vehicles than just your snowmobile, performance coatings will be beneficial to them too.

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